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    About BKG Distributors

    BKG Distributors is a wine, spirits and beer agency dedicated to bringing the best products at the best prices to the consumer. Please take time to explore our site and find your new favourite. More about BKG Distributors

    There is a saying among the locals, that “once you have breathed the African air, wiped her dust from your shoes, and witnessed her horizon… you can never get Africa out of your blood!”

    Through Africa wines, we have found a way to live out one of our passions in one of the world’s most beautiful countries, amidst her local people. Yet this is not a means of gain for ourselves – in discovering Africa, we have found a way to empower and enrich the lives of some of the local inhabitants, as well as resource needs within certain areas, by contributing funds to medical supplies and workers in this field.

    The decorative beading of the bottles, is done by less privileged and differently-abled people, in a rural community, as part of a social upliftment project. And part of the revenue of the Africa wines will be used for health related projects in Southern Africa.

    Africa is a land of colour and beauty … she lingers in the heart of all who have visited her. With her wealth of heritage and poverty stricken history, it is no wonder that Africa has a unique story of her own! A story that surpasses all time … Africa lingers on… Touch her spirit, feel her soul… taste Africa!

    Ifula Chenin Blanc / Sauvignon Blanc

    “ifula” – an indigenous African term that means: “to reap the benefit of the early harvest”. Tasting Notes: Pale straw colour. The nose shows gentle, ripe tropical fruit aromas, like papaya, mangoes and a hint of banana. Further soft, white fruits such as peaches and pears create layers on a delightful, fruity and attractive nose. […]

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    Bomvu Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz

    “bomvu” – a word that finds its origins in the Ndebele language, and translates to “dark red” – a colour rich in symbolism and African heritage. Tasting Notes: Rich plum colour. Primary dark fruit, tobacco, spice and herbaceous hints on the nose. Deeper aromas of bacon and earth lifted by dark berries. The palate has […]

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